How to get cryptocurrency using games? Flash interview with CRYCASH representatives

20 June 2018 How to get cryptocurrency using games? Flash interview with CRYCASH representatives

A major gaming festival called WEGAME 4.0 with a zone of new games and software took place on April 21-22. CRYCASH, a decentralized ecosystem created specially for developers and game lovers, introduced its products at the exhibition and conducted the drawing for attendees.

Aleksandr Kolisnichenko, a representative of the company, tells us how CRYCASH allows gamers to monetize their own gaming time as well as describes a new application – Plink.

Interviewer: WEGAME (WG)

Respondent: Aleksandr Kolisnichenko (AK)

WG: Please tell us about CRYCASH and its focus area.

AK: CRYCASH is cryptocurrency. We successfully completed an ICO, raising seven million dollars, and partnered with Crytek, a German game developer. In the nearest time, we are going to integrate out technologies into Crytek games, but it is still a secret which ones.

have developed the Plink app that tracks any gaming activity. It allows you to add your accounts on, Epicgames, Wargaming, PlayStation, Steam, and others. The app is integrated with a neural network able to find a teammate with the same game experience and help to play together with sane people.

you should cooperate with newbies, crazy pants. However, this application will not only allow you to find an appropriate person to play with, but also to use an analogue of TeamSpeak. It is free and can be used as a messenger.

You can also make cross-platform calls using Plink (for instance, when you have five teammates playing CS:GO). The interface is not shown on the desktop, so you can play and call at the same time.

calls, you can make a single-click screenshot of any gaming event, which will be automatically sent to the Plink user’s news feed. All of this is tracked and directed to the app.

WG: What other features are available for Plink users?

AK: On June 15, the app will offer a monetization of your gaming time. Gamers will receive push notifications on Plink: register in the game, fulfill the task (for example, kill one hundred monsters and reach the tenth level), and obtain cryptocurrency.

majority of activities were presented at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. At WEGAME 4.0, we drew our own tokens expressed in several hundreds of dollars. There were 100, 200, and 300 CRC tokens for three winners selected randomly in the app.

WG: What do you think about the fourth WEGAME?

It is a worthy event for us. A lot of people are interested in our product; Plink has already been downloaded 500 times. Assessing the CIS market, the event was organized at high level. There are amazing participants and interesting activities. We do like it.

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