How to join the amateur Dota 2 tournament?

18 April 2018 How to join the amateur Dota 2 tournament?

The amateur Dota 2 tournament is the first step in a big eSports. To do this, you need to create a team, register to one of the many open tournaments and compete.

You will hardly win for the first time, even if you are sure that you are playing almost professionally: you have reached a new level, and do not expect quick results. Regular practice will allow you to do your best at amateur competitions. Several victories, and you are already in eSports. Not in the top league, but the groundwork is done.

Once you have outgrown the level of amateur tournaments, you can move to tournaments with a higher status. Registration to Dota 2 tournaments for semiprofessional teams is provided by invitation, show great results, and someone will definitely invite you.

Registration to Dota 2 tournaments

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The procedure is not complicated, but it's better to have a person who constantly searches for these tournaments and registers your team, the team manager. At the first stages, any member of your team can do this.

How to join Dota 2 tournaments

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There are a lot of tournaments and information. You need a team with achievements and a person who will contact the organizers to take part in tournaments.

How to rise above the amateur tournaments?

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If your skills now significantly exceed the level of amateur Dota 2 tournaments, some organization will probably contact you with a proposal for cooperation. If not, take matters into your hands and ask for support, eSports will not miss talented gamers.


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