Secrets on how to turn a hobby into a business from Mariya Karpenko

07 June 2018 Secrets on how to turn a hobby into a business from Mariya Karpenko

How can a usual cosplayer get profit out of their hobby and become a successful entrepreneur? A presentation of a judge at the cosplay show Mariya Karpenko shared the secrets at WEGAME 4.0.

Mariya Karpenko, also known as Fenix Fatalist, is a cosplayer and Founder at the FD Studio costume lab. The speaker has been engaged in this industry since she was 10. Within this period, she has created dozens of bright characters and even established own business. Her presentation at the stage of the open lecture hall of WEGAME 4.0 was dedicated to cosplay in particular and skills it develops.

What is practical benefit of cosplay?

According to Mariya Karpenko, cosplay motivates you for self-improvement, life-long learning, establishing a network of beneficial contacts and acquiring new skills to be used at work and monetized.

Here are only some of them:

  • sewing;
  • photography;
  • posing;
  • blogging;
  • post-production;
  • networking.

The speaker confessed that it took her several years to turn a hobby into a business. Sometimes she felt like dropping everything, but a desire to do something and develop appeared to be stronger. The key advantage of her hobby and related advertising was a wide range of new acquaintances:

“We have a very important word – networking. Get acquainted with everyone, tell them about your skills. Why is it needed? Because it’s the main part of our career development. Even the most famous people who currently work at such giants as Blizzard went through the same path.”

From a hobby to a profitable business: how to make money on cosplay

So, what is a career ladder from a beginning cosplayer to an expert in some sphere? Costume design is surely the most popular direction. Not an easy way, but a combination of a talent and a desire can bring significant financial benefit. Mariya Karpenko herself is developing her own fashion line based on The Witcher, underwear in particular.

Another popular direction (particularly, those who are engaged in gaming development) is community management. The majority of cosplayers know how to interact with an audience and develop their organizing skills so that they can carry out events. Moreover, such skills help establish a network of needed contacts and learn preferences of an audience.

Other directions are also possible:

  • advertising;
  • event organization;
  • content sale.

Mariya Karpenko reckons that cosplayers should find their niche:

“Do what you are best at. Shield master? Craft them. Sewing master? Sew more. Good at wigs? Continue making them. Everything is in demand. Everything may work in your favor and bring pretty good financial benefit.”

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