How to make game project presentation for investors and mentors

13 June 2016 How to make game project presentation for investors and mentors

Michael Kharkovskyu, one of Crystal Clear Soft’s founders, tells about a successful game campaign presentation for PCs and mobiles. How to render the core and details of the project properly? Ultimately, you should take into account that people don’t have much time for exploring ideas. Besides, the work is reviewed by specialists and you can't continually monitor the process. Thus, presentation documents are so important.

1. PDF presentation aiming to provoke interest. It includes a presentation art, the core idea. Minimum of text: no more than a half of paper. It is sent to potential partners in the initial letter. Includes the following:

  • title and list of development team;
  • reference to the project and brand;
  • business model and platform;
  • distinguishing features;
  • contact details;
  • project budget.

2. Executive summary (to search a venture capital).

Used for thorough revealing of details.

Brief project description with minimum arts.

Google Docs is convenient for the presentation. Make a graphic line with the title and logotype of the brand for aesthetics.

The document should include: logotype of a brand or project, a title and author, creation date and version of the document, its title.

Key points:

1. Brief introduction revealing the core the project. The text is created with a certain goal: to obtain feedback or attract investors.

2. Title and possible title versions. Explain why you chose this very name.

3. Genre of the project/combinations of genres and informed choice.

4. Project content.

5. Differences/advantages of the projects.

6. Business model with a description as detailed as possible.

7. Stylistics with the key art and image archive, authors’ notes.

8. Description of the plot and characters.

9. Technologies used in developing

10. Summary table documentation. Big files are specified with the reference provided separately. Binding instruments with a concept, art materials, SRS, team list, budget.

11. Development team. You should describe foundation and history of the company, launched projects, websites and brand profiles in social networks. You should also distinguish key staff giving their names and brief description, position, skills and projects, as well as adding photos; reference to LinkedIn.

12. Competitors: advantages and disadvantages. Clear description of your own project advantages.

13. Description of the market with main figures. You can describe a selected niche.

14. Distribution platforms and exit sequence.

15. Target audience and its description.

16. Risks and ways to minimize them.

17. Problem. A point that interests investors who want to see the product covering a lack of something at the market.

18. Plan of issuing all parts of the project, from a prototype to implementation, with terms of launching.

19. Launch plan. Issue of a complete product at the platform, establishment of updates and technical support.

20. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for transition from test launch, traffic acquisition, issue on new platforms.

21. Budget and tabular terms. Description of marketing and PR works, future market plan.

22. If you are a team without marketing experience, it is better to make a sober estimate of your weak sides and acknowledge them.

23. Business plan describing future project development. Complex document, which everyone sees in their own way.

24. Conclusions and contacts.

A document package can be changed depending on the address. A mentor doesn’t require financial and marketing sections. An investor has to see a full picture.


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