Comics guide: how famous Wolverine died

26 September 2018 Comics guide: how famous Wolverine died

At last, fans saw the first issue of the Return of the Wolverine series, the final of which will unveil the details of Wolverine’s resurrection. How did the immortal mutant die? Let’s recollect, get nostalgic, and cry.

The first issue of the Return of the Wolverine was released on September 19. While fans of Wolverine are waiting for the next issues, let’s recollect the life and death history of the famous mutant.

In canon comic books published by Marvel, Logan was close to death twice. For the first time, Wolverine suffered a near-death-experience for half an hour after the fight with Sabretooth (Wolverine vol.2 #173–176).

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For the second time, after being in the explosion epicenter, Logan’s body restored, but not his soul. In Wolverine vol.3 #57-62, each time before the regeneration, the soul of Wolverine goes to Limbo, where he fights the death angel Azrael (he knows the latter since the First World War) and returns after the victory. However, Logan’s girlfriend died during the explosion and he refused to fight for himself.

To kill Wolverine that has a regenerative power, authors had to come up with a convincing grounding. The idea came to Paul Cornell back in 2013: he decided that the simplest way is to turn off Wolverine’s regenerative power. For instance, by bringing him up against the intelligent virus from the Microverse. This antagonist had collective consciousness and strived for ascendancy over the universe.

Wolverine defeated the virus, but did not manage to protect himself. The virus penetrated his body and turned off the regeneration power. That’s how Logan became mortal.

Now Logan had to get used to the new peculiarity of the body. As a bonus, he got the possibility to enjoy the taste of beer. However, troubles followed quickly, as old enemies activated once they found out that Logan was mortal. Sabretooth was the wicked enemy of Wolverine, so his chances of aging were decreasing day by day.

Logan solo comics about this period were released in 2014 (Wolverine vol. 5 and vol.6). Paul Cornell wrote the storyline and artists Ryan Stegman and Alan Davis drew characters.

The death of Wolverine was described by the writer Charles Soule (who worked together with the artist Steve McNiven, the author of the Old Man Logan). The Death of Wolverine series was also released in 2014 comprising four issues.

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The storyline of the Death of Wolverine is hinged on the hunt for Wolverine. Usually the battles end up with the death of unlucky headhunters, but one day Logan meets mercenary Nuke. After losing the fight, Nuke tells Wolverine that he received a special order – to catch and transport Logan alive.

Logan starts to act more actively: he talks to Viper (his ex-wife), fights with his enemy Sabretooth, and later meets his teacher Ogun. As a result, he finds out the name of the orderer – scientist Cornelius, one of the participants of the Weapon X program. During the imprisonment by Weapon X, adamantium was placed on Logan’s skeleton, and now Cornelius wants to continue the experiments.

The scientist does not know that Logan is dying. Meanwhile, his death is a matter of time, as he suffers from numerous infections, consequences of Hiroshima radiation (Logan was there on the day of the explosion), harmful influence of adamantium.

Wolverine spends the remaining strength on the fight with Cornelius. He manages to destroy the adamantium container, but gets covered in it himself. Before death, Logan talks to the scientist and says that he has done enough in his life. At this tragic and philosophic moment the hero dies.

His death coincides with the date when Logan first appeared on comics pages – in October of 1974 in The Incredible Hulk #181.

Charles Soule and Steve McNiven worked on the revival of Wolverine in 2018. Soon we will find out whether they managed to engrain the returning of the hero into the universe logically.


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