CyGames presents a trailer for the action game Project Awakening

25 September 2018 CyGames presents a trailer for the action game Project Awakening

Celebrating the start of Tokyo Game Show 2018, CyGames prepared a trailer for Project Awakening. The work on the action game was initiated in 2016 with almost no news since then.

Project Awakening is an action/RPG game designed for PlayStation 4. The developers imagine the fantasy universe elaborated to the finest details. They state that Project Awakening would amaze gamers with the high-quality modern graphics. The team of experienced developers and game designers worked on the project fulfillment.

The Project Head is Junji Tago famous for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Fox Engine. Ryosuke Aiba that took part in the creation of Chrono Cross and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII is an Art Director. Unfortunately, the current development stage of the promised Project Awakening remains a secret but the trailer gives gamers a hint about the characters.

For example, it shows a battle between a dragon and a knight who later meets a more powerful rival. Besides, gamers can assess the abovementioned graphics and gaming experience. The combat system recalls Dark Souls and Monster Hunter.

We don’t know for sure whether Project Awakening will be the same as we imagine it due to the absence of news from the developing team.

By the way, CyGames announced the development of a new action game during Cygames Next 2016. The release information is not available. We also don’t know whether Project Awakening is designed only for PS4 or other platforms as well.

CyGames will present the trailer at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2018 scheduled for September 20-23. Maybe, the company representatives will share some game info at the expo.


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