HyperX: we built gaming PC and broke several dozens of old keyboards

12 June 2018 HyperX: we built gaming PC and broke several dozens of old keyboards

This year, a Sponsor of the eSports tournament at WeGame was the US brand of gaming components and accessories – HyperX. Its stand at the festival appeared to be one of the most popular within both days.

We talked to HyperX representatives in order to discover the secret of such popularity.

Interviewer: WeGame (WG)

Speaker: HyperX (HX)

WG: What did the company stand present this year?

HX: All gaming devices by our company: mice, keyboards, headsets, gaming pads – all and everything. Attendees could touch and test products as well as consult our representatives regarding the most appropriate devices for certain games.

Right at the stand, we built a PC using top components for a well-known YouTube channel called Room Factory. We specially selected an awesome body and RGB ventilators to make it spectacular and interesting for the audience. The majority part of the components are made by our company, and the rest was made by our friends.

We started this PC on the first day, and tested it the next day on various games, allowing our visitors to check the computer power.

WG: Your keyboard promotion was quite popular. What was its concept?

HX: The concept was simple: bring your old keyboard and obtain a 50% discount on the new one – Alloy Elite with Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue switches. Initially, people didn’t believe in such a special offer and constantly asked the following question: is it really possible to bring any keyboard and receive the new one at half-price? Making sure that it was true, they got keyboards out of laptops and brought them to us. Afterwards, we broke that old keyboards into pieces, trod them, in other words did everything but exploded them at the stand.

WG: What do you think about the fourth WeGame?

HX: Year by year, WeGame becomes better and better in terms of organization. The event included everything related to gaming: cosplay, schwag, VR, and developers. This year’s platform was perfect. VDNH is a good place.

The fourth WeGame brought together three times more people than the previous one. The audience was interested in our stand, as it offered various quizzes and contests. Besides, our stand provided broadcasting of computer build and involved a special guest – Semen Kremeniuk (keddr.com geek community). Guests were able to ask him questions and get the answers. All of this was broadcasted on HyperX YouTube channel.

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