Computer games which instil fear

01 November 2016 Computer games which instil fear

Dark rooms, music keeping you on the edge of your seat, mysterious sounds making you wait for something scary and, of course, appearance of monsters – these are features of a good horror game. If they are not properly mixed, real horror is lost. But our today’s selection doesn’t have such cases. 


An old English estate in a small town is a great haven for a lonely writer who is looking for inspiration in a secluded place. But strange scratches make the lead character absorb in investigating dark secrets of the house wandering around rooms and premises to face a monster in the end.

"Emily Wants To Play"

Players don’t have to unravel a mystery. Their main aim is to survive. Once a player enters a dark room, he faces toys each of which has its own game rules. You will have to puzzle over the vulnerable spot of each monster. Otherwise, it is impossible to last through the night.

"The Vanishing of Ethan Carter"

A detective with psychic powers arrives into an exceptionally beautiful place to uncover the secret of a vanished boy. Resolving puzzles step by step the player finds himself in the situation which Ethan has experienced. The story of a child turns out to be very sad and the investigation fuels fear.

Game developers managed to reproduce really breathtaking views. They used a photogrammetry technique which allows creating realistic three-dimensional objects by layering loads of photos taken from various perspectives.

"Slender: The Eight Pages"

In this indie horror game players together with a lead character – a girl – set off for a night walk into the forest. On their way they will find threatening notes. The most important is not to catch the eye of the monster. No good will come of an attempt to fight it.

By the way, the monster was created on pages of the Internet forum where a town legend about vanished children and a lank creature Slender Man was born.


In this game the principal character has to live through the night till dawn in a house outside and inside of which something horrifying dwells. To avoid meeting a mystical creature one should run from room to room locking the doors and switching on the light but this night time seems to drag.

"Layers of Fear"

The game is set in a cosy old house. The protagonist is a painter who has become of unsound mind. Players find themselves in his mad world. He always has to look for something to continue working on his painting but it isn’t easy to do it. Disposition of rooms and furniture change all the time. Exploring rooms and rummaging in the painter’s clothes players gradually reveal a tragic story of his life.

"Kraven Manor"

A player experiences the atmosphere of an ominous unpredictability of an ancient manor. With a flashlight in hands one should resolve puzzles but the player will find it difficult to focus… 


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