Korea in Civilization VI: Rise & Fall. Add-on features

06 December 2017 Korea in Civilization VI: Rise & Fall. Add-on features

The developers of the Civilization 6: Rise & Fall add-on shared details about the Korean civilization, which will appear in a new addition. The release is scheduled for February 8, 2018.

The Great Queen Seondeok was chosen as the supreme ruler of the nation, the reigning queen, the first in the history of her people. The unique ability of the character, Hwarang, gives additional points of development to the cultural and scientific fields in all cities with governors.

A special area for Korean civilization, replacing the Campus district, is called Seowon. It brings points of science, its number decreases, when more and more other districts are built nearby.

The ability “Three Kingdoms” in the game for Korea provides new points of science, and increase in productivity of the farms built near the Seowon. A special Korean unit is a powerful long term weapon, called Hwacha. It only can not attack in motion.


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