Who won this year's WEGAME Awards?

15 May 2018 Who won this year's WEGAME Awards?

The fourth WEGAME festival featured a traditional WEGAME Awards ceremony. The best developers, game designers and publishers were awarded in seven categories of the contest.

This year, the WEGAME award included games from both large developers and independent studios. The WEGAME Awards judges have chosen the most well-deserved contestants among dozens of projects in seven nominations.

Best Game Design

The winner is OVIVO, a stylish black and white platformer with interesting mechanics. Thirty levels, minimalism and complete focus on logic from the developer Alex Vilassak.


Best Game Art

Best Game Art

The award was taken by the studio Tiger Way with a casual arcade Goopalo, basing on a music clip of TNMK Gupalo Vasil. According to the plot, the original character of the universe fights against invaders using all available means.

By the way, the founder of the studio, Alexander Kompanets, told how the idea of the game appeared.

Best Mobile Game

The winner in this nomination is Siege Saga, a logical ‘sandbox’ from the PlayZilla studio. Gamers will have to protect the king and his family from the enemies, as in Angry Birds, just the opposite.

Best VR Game

The prize was given to VR western in the style of Wild West Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR. A dynamic and eventful game from MIROWIN.

Best PC Game

Deuterium Wars was recognized the best in this nomination. It is a cyberpunk shooter from the indie development team Deuterium Wars Team. Non-linear levels, interaction with the environment, powerleveling: a real MMO ARPG, which retained the atmosphere of classic 2D shooters.

WEGAME Special

A special award from the WEGAME festival organizers was given to Summer Catchers. It's an arcade game with elements of adventure and an emphasis on audio and visual stylistics. The game tells the story of a girl from a northern tribe dreaming of seeing the summer, the sea and palms. To achieve it, she is setting out on an incredible journey.

Audience Awards

Throughout the WEGAME festival, at the stand of Sense.Vision, having the opportunity to test the games, guests and attendees voted for all the nominees. This is how the winner of the Audience Awards was determined. It is Proze, an exploration game, transferring the player into a mysterious forest full of dangers and mysteries.

Alexander Dzyuba, founder of Sense.Vision, commented on the WEGAME voting: “For a technical support of WEGAME, we created a separate location, a demo zone, where gamers were able to test games participated in the Awards nominations. People could play, watch and vote for the best game, in their opinion, so that it could receive its award. The queue at this stand sometimes reached 150 people, the activity was crazy. Such a quantity of audience is typical for drawings, but here the flow was permanent.”

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