Magnificent Christmas anime

23 November 2016 Magnificent Christmas anime

During Christmas holidays lots of people feel the desire to watch corresponding movies. It is no coincidence that all parts of such media franchises as “Home alone”, “The Irony of Fate…” and other traditional movies appear on the TV every Christmas.

We selected five anime feature movies with stories related to Christmas holidays or having “winter” atmosphere hinting at the forthcoming miracle.

№ 1. "Tokyo Godfathers" (Tokyo Goddofazazu)

Magnificent Christmas anime  - 1

A 2003 animation movie is telling the story of three homeless people living on the streets of Tokyo. At first the anime is not as joyful as one might wish but the holiday atmosphere is created when protagonists find a lost newborn on Christmas Eve. They decide to find the girl’s parents at all costs. While experiencing some hardships they get a chance to correct mistakes in their own lives. The movie is really inspiring. It keeps the best traditions of Christmas stories. 

№ 2. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no shoshitsu)  

Magnificent Christmas anime  - 2A 2010 feature movie is a follow-up to 2009 cult series “Haruhi Suzumiya”. We advise you to watch the movie if you know the plot of anime series because they are interrelated. But it is unlikely that there are lots of true anime lovers who aren’t aware of the Haruhi Suzumiya’s main story.

According to the plot, Haruhi is planning to organize a Christmas party and invite her friends. But when Kyon arrives at school next day after their conversation, he finds that the world is completely changed. Haruhi is missing, Yuki is no longer an alien, Mikuru is not the guest from future and Itsuki isn’t transferred to their school. Kyon has to discover what happened.  

3. Always my Santa (Itsudatte My Santa!) 

Magnificent Christmas anime  - 3

A little 2005 animated story about a boy named Santa whose birthday coincides with Christmas Day. That’s why he was called Santa. The boy is very lonely but this year he meets a girl named Mai who changes his life for the better. It is an extremely amusing story about miracle, hope and love. 

№4. «Tokyo Marble Chocolate»

Magnificent Christmas anime  - 4

 A 2007 anime tells the story about lovers Chizuru and Yuudai. It’s been a long time since they were teenagers. Both of them experienced failed relationships. But when they meet, they decide to believe that everything will be all right. The couple faces particular difficulties but a real Christmas miracle – a mini Donkey – will help them out.

№ 5.  «Five Centimeters Per Second» (Byousoku 5 Centimeter)

Magnificent Christmas anime  - 5

This cult anime isn’t directly related to New Year or Christmas. That’s why it is final in the list. Nevertheless, it has lots of beautiful winter views and the atmosphere itself is suitable for the topic.

The plot is comprised of 10 years of Takaki Tōno’s life. We find out about his difficulties in love and at work. We observe the main character giving up on life. But he’ll meet someone who will bring back the meaning of life…or not.

We didn’t include separate Christmas episodes of anime series into the selection because there are quite a lot of them. We hope that top 5 movies will help you have a good time during Christmas holidays! 


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