LG has come to grips with virtual reality technology

22 February 2016 LG has come to grips with virtual reality technology

A new big player has entered the race of virtual reality technologies – LG company. It has presented its flagship module smartphone G5, whose function set has been expanded with VR technology. In order to get access to virtual opportunities of the device, long-awaited virtual headset 360 VR has also been presented. It has an audacious design and can be connected to smartphone via cable.   


New mobile headset LG 360 VR is currently compatible only with flagship of the company. The thing is that G5 smartphone is fitted with the latest generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, which is adapted to VR rendering. The headset weighs only 118 g and after connection to smartphone still remains quite light. After synchronization of devices via cable images are translated to two screens, whose size is less than two inches, and resolution is 960х720.  The exact pixel density is 639 pixels per square inch. According to Korean company, this headset demonstrates images the quality of which can be comparable to 130-inch monitor, looked at from the distance of 2 meters. That’s amazing taking into consideration the fact that the device can fit in a hand bag. 


Among applications supported by 360 VR is the software on Google Cardboard platform. It helps the phone to adjust sound, depending on head rotation. It means that the headset is equipped with sensors of positioning in space. Such technology is also used by Samsung in their Gear VR.

There is no information on compatibility of the headset with other smartphones yet. The price of the set will be announced this spring before the start of sales. 


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