The best for PS4: new gaming products of 2018

07 May 2018 The best for PS4: new gaming products of 2018

What new games are necessary to try this year? Hits and the most long-awaited new games for PS4.

New gaming products for PS4 in 2018

A Way Out

This adventure game with a co-op mode only was released at the beginning of the year. According to the plot, two characters are willing to escape from the jail. Gamers have to choose a character as well as invite a friend: a unique co-op playthrough is available both online and at one computer monitor.

Detroit: Become Human

An amazingly beautiful and the most branching game with a script written in a two-year time by an iconic game designer David Cage. This product was exclusively developed for PS4. The game tells a story of the android’s life with an independent artificial consciousness. According to the idea, the character is in the search of own place in the world where androids are still regarded as tools. The game’s release is scheduled for the late May 2018.


An apocalyptic action game with special missions for gamers. According to the idea, Freelancers are saving the planet from the external threat. Gamers can co-op online. Its release was planned for the beginning of the year but it’s currently delayed for some time.

Franchises for PS4

The Crew 2

Cars, motorcycles, planes… Those anxiously waiting for a sequel to the racing video game will have a chance to get in the driver’s seat of these transport means in the virtual reality. The Crew 2 release is scheduled for the midsummer time of this year. The developers are currently working on the final touches.

The Last of Us: Part 2

Announced two years ago, this sequel to the adventure survival horror will immerse gamers in the universe of The Last of Us in 5-year time. The developers keep details in a secret but a new character is surely to be introduced. The final release date remains unknown.

Kingdom Hearts III

Another exclusive, a new gaming product for PS4 and Xbox: action/RPG with Disney multicharacters is in fact a series of games. There have been rumors about the development of a sequel to the popular crossover for a couple of years running. However, the team announced the sequel’s release in 2018.


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