Hot & successful: 3 cosplayers that live their passion

05 March 2018 Hot & successful: 3 cosplayers that live their passion

Cosplay means a complete transformation into the character from an anime, video game, manga or anything else. The main thing in cosplay is the quality of the costume and the acting, the appearance of the cosplayer is also important. Therefore, it is especially nice when the cosplay models take on the embodiment of a certain character. The most successful of them you will find here.


Irina Meier: her characters are better than the originals

Wegame: Hot & successful: 3 cosplayers that live their passion - 1

Irina Meier (Pirozhnikova) from Moscow - one of the hottest cosplayers in Russia. The girl is so good in turning into her characters, working out the costume to the smallest detail, that her characters sometimes look better than the originals.

Irina got interested in cosplay at the age of 11. Then, it was just a hobby, but now - a full-fledged business. On her website, Irina sells her photos and cosplay posters. She does films, video games inspired cosplay – any character that she likes. The girl is constantly invited to festivals, she travels around the world.


Kristina Fink: does not want to turn her hobby into a routine

Wegame: Hot & successful: 3 cosplayers that live their passion - 2

Vloger and cosplayer Christina Fink became famous thanks to the DaiFiveTop project. This is the channel where the girl gives two opposite things or phenomena, and the group members vote for the best option. Now, Kristina is developing her YouTube channel, where she talks about cosplay and fitness. She also does modeling.

Kristina admits that she vlogs just for pleasure. She also does not want to turn cosplay into work and routine, but does not disclose plans for the future.


Jessica Nigri: cosplays characters from games and anime

Wegame: Hot & successful: 3 cosplayers that live their passion - 3

American cosplayer Jessica Nigri got into anime when she was 5 years old. Jessica still adores anime, her favorite ones are Gurren Lagann, Basilisk, Dragonball Z, Pokemon and Spawn. She also spends a lot of time on video games, so she does games cosplay as well. Jessica lived in New Zealand since she was born, and then moved to the US. Most of all, Jessica adores the world of Pokemon, and fans adore Jessica.


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