Mariya Karpenko will join the judges of WEGAME 4.0 cosplay show

15 February 2018 Mariya Karpenko will join the judges of WEGAME 4.0 cosplay show

Known as Fenix Fatalist, Mariya Karpenko will join the ranks of judges at WEGAME 4.0 cosplay show. Mariya is a bodacious cosplayer, founder of the laboratory of costumes FD Studio, private entrepreneur.

She has been cosplaying for ten years and has completed over 30 vivid characters. Having turned cosplay into her job, Mariya shares her experience with other artists, willing to create a strong and open community.

She also produces underwear styled in the fashion of The Witcher 3. Besides, The Witcher is one of the favorite themes for Mariya. Her video featuring her cosplaying Triss Merigold has become very popular among fans of the saga and cosplayers. Later, she shared a video telling about the creation of cosplay, where she confided that the experiment was a challenge for her and taught her many things.

You can learn more about the festival’s cosplay show here, and to participate you have to register. Tickets to WEGAME 4.0 are available here. See you!


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