Na’Vi left The Kuala Lumpur Major but played an excellent match

19 September 2018 Na’Vi left The Kuala Lumpur Major but played an excellent match

Na’Vi that changed the roster in early September showed a good result: it defeated Vega during the open qualifiers of The Kuala Lumpur Major. Despite this excellent game and successful start, the team did not survive the closed qualifiers.

The match with Vega was Bo1, both teams played on one map. By the 40th minute of the match, Vega swept one part of Na'Vi, earned 12,000 of advantage, and received Aegis of the Immortal. It seemed that the outcome of the battle was obvious. However, something unbelievable started to happen: Na'Vi grabbed the initiative and started to press the enemy. The team even tried to destroy the Throne, although such a decision brought them a defeat in the final of The International 2013. This time, the maneuver was successful and Vega was defeated in half an hour.

Fans were very enthusiastic about the victory and even called the 2018/2019 season The New Era of Na'Vi. Indeed, the team passed the open qualifiers and entered the closed qualifiers in the lower play-off bracket. However, the team lost to Ferzee scoring 1:2 and left the tournament.


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