John Uke will tell how player personality influences game process

23 March 2017 John Uke will tell how player personality influences game process

April 8, John Uke, a founder and CEO of GameTree PBC project, will speak within public WEGAME 3.0 lecturers.

John Uke’s presentation topic: Impact of human personality on his preferences and decisions in games.

is a hardcore gamer and holds a degree in programming and entrepreneurship. John spent many summers at UCLA, UCSD, UC Berkeley, and Stanford teaching summer camps and creating spaces for people to make friends. John Uke spent thousands of hours researching and lecturing on personality psychology. He is the founder of the coding school and professional online dating coach.

GameTree is the application for seeking friends and co-thinkers among gamers across the world.

this project, John has found a solution to combine his enormous love to games with skills in coding, entrepreneurship, personality psychology and online dating.

You can look at the two-day lecturers program of WEGAME 3.0 following the link. Relevant information about new participants and festival events can be found in the News section. Tickets are available here.


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