New members of the jury of the WEGAME Awards ceremony!

23 March 2017 New members of the jury of the WEGAME Awards ceremony!

As part of the WEGAME 3.0 festival, the independent and professional game developers’ awarding ceremony WEGAME Awards will be held on April 8-9!

Projects will be evaluated by a professional jury whose members will not only select winners in the main and additional nominations, but will also provide competent feedback. In total, the jury consists of 12 judges. See details of 4 of them below.

Anna Fedorova

Anna has been engaged in the gaming industry since 1999 holding key positions in the PR and marketing departments of the following companies:

  • Noviy Disk (Russian localizer);
  • CD Projekt (‘The Witcher’ developer);
  • Nival Network (creators of MOBA Prime World).

Was engaged in the launch and development of the Yandex search system in Belarus and Turkey. The founder of the international BizDev in GameDev project. Currently, Anna Fedorova represents the interests of RJ Games (publisher and developer of games for mobile platforms) around the world.

Irina Chaban

New members of the jury of the WEGAME Awards ceremony! - 1

The founder of the Universe Music game sound studio. She supervises a team of talented composers and sound designers. Engaged in the gaming industry since 2011. During this time, the studio has voiced over about 80 different games for such studios as:

  • Alawar Ent.;
  • Nordcurrent;
  • RocketJump Games;
  • Absolutist;
  • Daily Magic Production, etc.

Maxim Kotelevskiy

New members of the jury of the WEGAME Awards ceremony! - 2

An independent developer and founder of WEGAME Awards. Supervised the MMORPG projects of GameNet. Was involved in the development of the We Are the Dwarves game (Whale Rock Games studio) released in February 2016. Now he is working on his own project dubbing video games and contributing to the organization of WEGAME Awards.

Alexey Uslavcev

New members of the jury of the WEGAME Awards ceremony! - 3

Manger of the Gameloft production studio, one of the leading representatives of the global mobile gaming market. Indie developer, producer, gamedev enthusiast. He likes to experiment with Blueprint system and the Unreal Engine 4 in general.

Registration for the WEGAME Awards will close on March 28, don’t miss your chance to fill in the application!

You can learn more about the first three judges here, while the full list of judges and participants of the awards ceremony you can find by clicking on the link. Buy tickets to WEGAME 3.0 by opening the related section on the official website.


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