Game development and monetization. Presentations of Roman Samchuk and Pavlo Lenets

16 May 2017 Game development and monetization. Presentations of Roman Samchuk and Pavlo Lenets

On April 8, two experts, Roman Samchuk and Pavlo Lenets, told the audience of WEGAME 3.0 lecturers how to create computer games. Both speakers have significant game development experience: they have launched successful game projects, including virtual reality ones. We have chosen the most interesting points from their presentations in order to reveal this topic.   

Roman Samchuk confessed to the audience in starting his game development career with script writing. The speaker recommended all beginning specialists and testers to create MSTs and write codes in order to understand their structure and gain experience. “Do not be afraid of making mistakes while programming, everyone learns from them,” Roman said.     

Game creation requires:

  • scenario;
  • code;
  • arts;
  • sounds;
  • animation;
  • effects;
  • monetization;
  • marketing;
  • test.

The expert noted that the majority of beginning game developers forgot about three last-mentioned points, which had a negative impact on the future of their projects. One should think over a marketing strategy and monetization model in advance to succeed in future.  

It is also important to test your product, discover a level of audience’s interest, and find out what aspects should be improved before launching. Roman stresses that developers create a game not for themselves but for users, therefore, feedback should not been ignored but rather taken as serious as possible.   

Pavlo Lenets recommended beginning developers to build teams including up to 4 people. Such an amount is the best for indie projects. If you attract more people, you will require a manager and then other additional staff.     

The speaker mentioned music indie groups as an example. “You develop a game like create music”, he noted. The less people are engaged in the project, the easier they will cooperate together and bring challenging ideas to life.

The expert made a point of the fact that it would be better to choose the Steam platform instead of mobile monetization platforms and determined the price of the game of $5. Pavlo recommended to start with such genres as adventure, hidden object, and platformer.      

The speaker advised to buy Asset Store characters in order to develop high-quality products without a large number of technical staff and great expenses. He also mentioned one simple but quite important aspect of game development: one should think over the mechanics, keeping player’s interest at least for 10 hours. The latter tip will help to prove that created product is successful and will bring revenue.     

You may read interviews with two more WEGAME 3.0 speakers: Wojciech Pazdur and John Uke.


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