Review of the best puzzle games for Android within the past year

23 May 2018 Review of the best puzzle games for Android within the past year

There is no shortage of engaging games you may carry in your pocket or a bag by easily installing them on a smartphone or a tablet. Which of the latest puzzle games for mobile phones are worth attention?

Puzzle games became popular due to fascinating mechanics and cool graphics that gets improved every day. Yeah, sometimes you feel like celebrating a beautiful picture rather than solving another puzzle.

Beautiful games for Android


This mobile game has really exciting graphics. Particularly, a simple plot and well-spotted details is what attracts users. You have to grow a plant by cutting twigs so that your pet strains towards sunlight. Graceful twigs, smoothness and mute colors are charming. The game has 48 levels, requires no payment with available internal purchases.

Monument Valley 2

A beautiful Android puzzle game with exciting logic and physics - Monument Valley (both first and second). It offers a magical well-designed world of architecture with an exciting style and mechanics. Users have to help Ro and her daughter investigate the Valley and collect lots of magic architectural puzzles. Everything swirls and gets together in unexpected turns, the sound creates the atmosphere of the game.

Samorost 3

A genuine adventure fairy tale puzzle for mobile phones will transfer you to the world of a sunny alien dwarf. You will enjoy a space forest and explore new universes. Colorful animated graphics and an atmospheric sound accompanied by simple but fascinating tasks. Unfortunately, only demo version is free.

Those who are into mind-blowing puzzles, lasting action and item searching are offered an entire world of Android mobile games. Here are some new products in this sphere.

Fascinating mobile games

MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever

A renowned puzzle game, the second part of the popular MechBox would be a present for fans of complicated tasks. Gamers are to open a box mechanically protected from cracking. The tasks are unusual, original and become more difficult with every new level. Prompts are available but don’t expect to get a direct clue. Only patient fans of logical games would appreciate it.

Thimbleweed Park

A detective puzzle game that immerses you into the murder investigation in a small and godforsaken town. Its pixel graphics comes as a flavor. Locations are well-designed, heroes and tasks are interesting and unusual. You can choose between individual missions or play for several heroes at once. The key and results are pretty unexpected.

The Office Quest

Bored and have no tasks at work? You may find this quest pretty amusing and engaging. At first glance, the puzzle for mobile phones is simple but it will catch your attention with an interesting story and humorous office scenes. According to the plot, a usual employee tries to escape the organization, run away from the boss and find a key to lots of tasks.

Feel like playing something unique, conceptual and epic enough? The following 3 mobile games are surely worth attention.


Neon Chrome

A mobile version of this stylish cyberpunk shooter was developed after its PC predecessor. The graphics remained neon, the story – well-known and the playthrough – challenging. Its main heroine is a hacker girl who wanders through the twisted maze trying to kill all the enemies and break plans of the powerful cyber corporations. Gamers need to shoot all the time, experience a lot of deaths as well as boost hacker skills. Levels are randomly generated, which makes the game rather complicated.

To The Moon

Another mobile version of another PC game that cannot be described as trivial. The plot reveals a story of two doctors who immerse into the memories of their dying patient and try to restore the picture of his life and fulfill the last wish. Missed the release of this amazingly dramatic game for PC 6 years ago? Grasp a chance to catch up.


The second part of the hyped noir puzzle game FRAMED anxiously awaited by the fans hasn’t received so much positive feedback as its predecessor. However, that doesn’t make the game worse! The task is to arrange cadres in the right order. The game is pretty short but its atmosphere remained amazing: style, spy passions, chases and jazz are the same.


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