Old school: top 5 strategies of 1988-2000

18 September 2018 Old school: top 5 strategies of 1988-2000

Do you remember how it all began? The very first, most interesting and simply incredible for its time computer games of the 90s can be considered the basis of many modern novelties. What were the strategies for the PC played in 1998 and which of them became classics of the genre?

Dominion: Storm over Gift 3

Remarkable 2D real-time strategy, which is considered the spin-off game of G-Nome. Compared with the first part, the world has become more extensional, and the plot is much more detailed. There are four races in the game fighting for domination: the Humans, the Darkens, the Mercs and the Scorps.

This strategy for PC has excellent, as for its time, graphics. All that could be animated, was animated by (Ion Storm). It has detailed territories and maps as well.

As for the game tactics, the infantry has several options for fighting: when standing, sitting, lying down. Gamers can choose one that they consider the most appropriate. There are also defensive structures, including turrets and special barriers.

Gamers love Dominion for interesting missions, the ability to select units and a thoughtful balance. The game has a pleasant music.

Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion

It is the honest-to-God classic old strategy for the PC. The plot takes place in medieval Europe, where the player has to build cities and carry out missions. Mostly missions include development of the principality and conquering the neighboring ones. It all starts with the construction of technical buildings, and ends with an epic battle for power.

The player has to complete 20 missions. The Peasants Rebellion also has separate single campaigns. The game refers to the classical economic strategies, and is characterized by a variety of resources, a large selection of professions. Battles are carried out only on land, alas, ponds are not involved. Troops are divided into infantry, cavalry and riflemen.

The main feature of the game is the development of the economy, on which the state of the troops and the outcome of the battles will depend. This old strategy with all add-ons runs on modern PCs, supports all resolutions between 1024 × 768 and 800 × 600.

Submarine TITANS

Marine strategy for PC with original storyline and thoughtful landscapes. According to the idea of the developers, events take place in the future – In 2047. The population of the Earth is moved under the water, two factions are fighting, accompanied by aliens that unexpectedly appeared on the planet.

Gamer are given a choice of a dozen simple fights, as well as special missions, where they can play for one of the three parties. There is a team play mode. In addition to the battles, player must extract resources and do not forget to replenish oxygen reserves. Submarine TITANS has gorgeous design: landscape is replete with caves, rocks, hills and underwater volcanoes. A variety of marine fauna can be seen around the buildings.

The game is created for Windows'98 and minimum system requirements. This game may be played even now, at least on Windows 7.

Dune 2000

The game was released as a continuation of the old real-time strategy Dune II. Its plot is still based on the events that take place on the planet Arrakis. Confrontation occurs between the three fractions: House Atreides, House Harkonnen and House Ordos. Each of them wants to control the planet Dune.

After choosing the house, the game is aimed at producing resources, opening a map covered with the fog of war, and building protective structures. Naturally, it doesn’t do without battles. The combat units of the parties are similar in power, but differ in functionality, which makes the game even more interesting.

Compared with the original version, the strategy has improved graphics, gameplay and balance of power between the houses. The most criticism aroused around the music, written by the composer Frank Klepacki.

In 2013, a patch was released, which allows gamers to change game resolution to FULL HD (and get nostalgic at your leisure).


One of the most memorable and popular game of all the old strategies for PC developed by Blizzard is StarCraft. In 1998, it broke record sales among games of this genre (by 2009 gamers bought 11 million copies). StarCraft has 17 patches, modifications for different engines, an extended addition. Moreover, it received the AAGAD award as the best strategy of the year.

In this game, gamer will decide the fate of the galaxy. The plot takes place in the sci-fi world of the future. Three races are opposing each other: Terrans, Protoss and Zerg. The uniqueness is that races have different characteristics; it is not a novelty for a modern gamer, but in 1998 such a plot twist became a real breakthrough. At the same time, the balance of forces remained.

The essence of the game is the same as in all such strategies: produce resources, fight with opponents. There is a multiplayer game mode.

In March 2017, the developers released an announcement of the official re-release of this popular old strategy for PC.


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