Feedback on WEGAME 3.0 festival from NLO TV channel representative

23 May 2017 Feedback on WEGAME 3.0 festival from NLO TV channel representative

WEGAME 3.0 presented a lot of interesting zones. Previously, we published interviews where speakers, exhibitors, and WEGAME Awards ceremony participants shared their views about the festival. Today, we are offering feedback about WEGAME 3.0 from the NLO TV channel representative – a general TV partner of the festival, assisting in the cosplay show organization.   

Anastasiya Bilyakova-Belskaya, a PR manager at the NLO TV channel: “It is the second year in a row that we support WEGAME. In 2016, we joined something obscure and did not even know what to expect from this gaming festival. But with the NLO TV channel having been a youth, risk channel, we saw prospects and believed in this event. It should be noted that we have never regretted of this decision!

Being partners of the cosplay zone, we are so delighted that this fascinating trend is developing in Ukraine. We think of other ways of cooperation and believe that such a high-quality gaming festival will become more and more popular in Ukraine. The world is constantly changing, and, along with WEGAME, we are trying not only to keep pace with but also to stay ahead of the times”.       

You may also read the interview with the representative of the eSports section at FC Dynamo Kyiv who has organized the eSports football tournament – WEGAME FIFA17 CHAMP.    


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