Easter eggs that have been hidden for years

18 April 2016 Easter eggs that have been hidden for years

Developers have been hiding Easter eggs in games for ages. All of them seem to be found already. Especially in old games. But some of them are hidden so well that it took many years to find them. Given below are 6 of the most hidden Easter eggs in video games.

After many hours of failure to create a ‘We will rock you’ song bit in Mario Paint music maker, it was found that if one pushes the O button in the main menu, there is a little song. It is called Totaka's song commemorating the composer.


Later, it was also found in Animal Crossing, Yoshi's Story and in X, the GameBoy paly that has been launched long before Mario Paint. GameTrailers said that it was found in Wii Sports but such news was perceived skeptically. Then this song was found in the GameBoy classic game, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Composer Totaka took part in many games. Players still examine them very thoroughly.

It is surprised that, seven years later after its launching, such game as Halo 3 has any secret. It seemed to be examined to the bone. This Easter egg related to date.


On December 25, on Christmas Day, if one clicks on the right part of download screen lines, there will be a secret message: Happy birthday, Loren. Is not so cool, isn’t it? But is you are Loren and was born on December 25, you might be as happy as a pig in mud.

The Apprentice was an amateur game: the easy platform launched in 1994 on the awful CD-i. No one has noticed this game for a long time until someone found an option to undress characters. The so-called nudity allow to watch girls without clothes.


Like in many Final Fantasy games, one can find a lot of secrets and side quests in the ninth part. It seemed to be known inside out by fans until 13 years later after launching, GameFAQs user has put a video with an absolutely unknown quest.


It appeared that this quest was so easy to miss that it wasn’t surprised for stars to be apart so long. To get this quest one should participate even in 17 events and talk to Zenero and Benero family members several times. A protection ring is given as a reward.

For many years, Master Hand has been just the boss in Super Smash Bros series. But in 2008, one found a bug rather than the Easter egg, generally, something in between. It is appeared that one can play for a glove. One should put the gamepad in the third slot and press several buttons on the characters choosing screen. On one hand, a player can use all glove skills (they are fixed to certain buttons). On the other hand, the glove doesn’t have a victory animation and the game crashes. Looks more like a half-done Easter egg.


The legendary Goldeneye contains enough Easter eggs to deserve a separate material. But the latest one was only recognized after 15 years. After delving in the game code, one player has found ZX Spectrum emulator.


For those of you who don’t know. Imagine that it is like iPhone but in 1982. According to the legend, developers thought about designing the emulator for Nintendo 64 and decided to test their solutions. Then they disabled this emulator but forgot to remove it from the game.

Now it can be launched with the help of the game patch through the N64 emulator. But to tell you the truth, it is a perversion. It is easier to use a direct spectrum emulator.


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