Pastafarianism is out of fashion: Church of Hanzo (Overwatch) opened

13 July 2017 Pastafarianism is out of fashion: Church of Hanzo (Overwatch) opened

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster once became a specific symbol of the foolishness of legislation systems in many countries, which pander to religious organizations. A strainer worn on the head is a very bright and colorful symbol, but it is not a single possibility to “slap the system in the face”.

A new religious movement with no less absurd postulates was officially registered in Brazil. The National Church of Hanzo (Igreja Nacionais de Hanzo) pranks not only obvious defects of Brazilian bureaucracy but also Overwatch fans that are not fond of the presence of this character in the team.

Basic principles of the Church

Not much is required to be baptized and become an adept of the National Church of Hanzo. You just need to play Overwatch with one of its representatives and if you cannot afford the subscription, you can play the free-to-play analogue Paladins.

The followers of the Church find it sinful to use the obscene term “Hanzo Main” as well as to rage quit (stop playing the game out of an anger). One of the commandments says to support peace and harmony on the Internet.

WEGAME. Pastafarianism is out of fashion: Church of Hanzo (Overwatch) opened

Apart from joyful absurd, the organization offers followers a very pleasant bonus – an additional day off on Tuesday once a month. This time should be spent on “church service” – playing Overwatch.

Still don’t want to join the followers of Hanzo?

Let's create hype

In fact, Mateus Mognon, the founder of the National Church of Hanzo, is not a big fan of the character and even the game. His main goal was to attract attention to the problem of simple registration process for churches in Brazil and using it for lucrative purposes.

Apart from one free Tuesday per month, religious organizations are exempt from taxes. At the same time, all you need for official registration is a permanent address, signatures of five people, and a visit to notary.

This legislative loophole has been used by 68,000 organizations since 2010 only. In total, there are over 190,000 registered religious organizations in Brazil.

Hopingly, the hype generated by this story all over the world will manage to turn attention to the problem.


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