First trailer for Captain Marvel: flashbacks to the past and allusions to comics

24 September 2018 First trailer for Captain Marvel: flashbacks to the past and allusions to comics

Marvel Studios presented the long-awaited trailer for Captain Marvel. It features old and new characters, contains allusions to comics and many flashbacks to the past of the main character.

General information

The new film by Marvel Studios introduces us to the super hero Carol Danvers and takes us back to 1990s, when two alien races, the Kree and the Skrulls, fight a deadly war.

One of the flashbacks to Carol’s past shows that she helped the Kree earlier, fighting for StarForce. This alien race is mentioned in Marvel comics: they created the Inhumans and fought against the same rivals there. One of the trailer’s scenes shows the native planet of the Kree called Hala.

The Kree can be seen in the trailer as well. For instance, Korath that appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy fights alongside Carol. Authors also promise the return of Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) that also represents the Kree race and will be protecting it.

Events on the Earth

The main actions will take place on the Earth, where Carol Danvers finds herself at the beginning of the trailer. She does not understand for how long she was absent and does not recognize anything, but others do recognize her.

Danvers draws attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. agency, which is aware about the war between alien races. The trailer shows scenes with its agents dissecting the dead body of the Skrull, the extraterrestrial shapeshifter. These peculiarities are also described in old comics of 1962. The trailer shows alive Skrulls very quickly only once.

According to the trailer, S.H.I.E.L.D. starts to suspect that Carol Danvers is an alien. Only Nick Fury, who has just joined the agency, believes the main character. We can also see the young agent Coulson at the start of his career in the agency.

Details about the main and supporting characters

The trailer tells us a lot about Carol Danvers. There are several flashbacks to her difficult past: childhood, youth, and service in the United States Air Force as a pilot (Carol’s colleague Maria Photon Rambeau is also shown there).

The video also features the head of the StarForce team Mar-Vell starred by Jude Law. According to comics, he is Carol’s friend and lover, but the trailer does not reveal what kind of relationship they will have.

The trailer also shows Carol’s super powers. In one of the scenes, she is standing on the roof of a moving train and manipulates energy. According to canon comics, Carol can fly, hold her breath, and control energy streams. Another moment of the trailer is a reference to the printed source: Carol wears a helmet that you can see in the comics.

Several scenes hint to the viewer how Carol received her super powers – her genetic organization changed thanks to the explosion of a psycho-magnetic device.

First trailer for Captain Marvel: flashbacks to the past and allusions to comics

Nick Fury’s beeper, shown in the video, resembles the device from the final scene of Avengers: Infinity War (which hints who will appear in the sequel).


The release of Captain Marvel is scheduled for March of 2019. What makes it stand out the most is that it’s the first film produced by Marvel Studios with a female superhero.


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