Plans and achievements of FC Dynamo Kyiv in eSports

04 April 2017 Plans and achievements of FC Dynamo Kyiv in eSports

Dynamo Kyiv is the first and only Ukrainian professional sports club which created an eSports section (eFCDK).

In November 2016 they signed a contract with a FIFA 17 player Vitaliy «labotryas» Mukha (the champion of Ukraine in 2016 and a vice-champion in 2015). A presentation of an eSports section at FCDK took place next month.

Plans of eFCDK for 2017

Representatives of the eSports section at FCDK visited the eSPORTconf Ukraine, which took place in February 2017. They spoke about work performed by the organization and shared their plans for the coming year.

Organization of tournaments:

  • 2-3 tournaments between eFCDK and eSports FIFA teams which belong to the world football clubs;
  • 4-6 amateur online FIFA and Dota 2 tournaments;
  • 6-8 show matches between eFCDK sportsmen and other football players and celebrities.

Development of the eFCDK team:

  • Adding up to 3-5 players to the FIFA team;
  • Creating a team in one more eSports discipline (LoL, Dota2 and others).

The eSports section is actively working on implementation of its plans. In particular, the FIFA Spring Cup 2017 by FCDK was held on April 1-2.

FIFA17 championship at WEGAME 3.0

WEGAME FIFA17 CHAMP eSports Dynamo Kyiv and ESFU is an open LAN tournament for amateur FIFA17 players. PlayStation 4 consoles will be used during the competition. Everyone interested will have a chance to play FIFA17. It doesn’t depend on whether you participate in the tournament – organizers will give special time for that.

Apart from eSports battles, WEGAME FIFA17 CHAMP will feature meetings with professional players and sportsmen, an autograph signing session and a press conference. To find out more, click here.

There will be lots of interesting events including competitions in other disciplines, a cosplay contest and open lectures. Hurry up to buy a ticket.


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