Winners of The International 2018 earn $11.2 m

27 August 2018 Winners of The International 2018 earn $11.2 m

One has determined the world’s new leader in Dota 2: OG, a European team earlier known as (monkey) Business. It surpassed all expectations of the eSports community and outplayed China’s PSG.LGD in the grand finale.

This year’s major Dota 2 – The International competition took place in the capital of Canada at the Rogers Arena Stadium. Within ten days, 18 strongest teams from all over the globe were competing with each other for the prize pool of The International 2018 – $25 million.

The winner of the eighth professional Dota 2 tournament was the OG team, which odds were initially estimated quite poorly by betting providers. According to the forecasts, OG should not have risen above the 15th place. However, the team entered the group A at the group stage, occupying the fourth position. Therefore, OG appeared in the Upper Bracket Seed of the playoff where the competition was based on the Double Elimination scheme, and then the team entered the grand finale.

Its competitor, China’s PSG.LGD team, was played in Lower Bracket Seed and, winning over Evil Geniuses, had good odds to gain the victory. The competition outcome was unknown to the bitter end as, following the results of four rounds, the score was equal to 2:2. It became clear who won The International 2018 only after the final, fifth competition: the OG squad outplayed PSG.LGD with the score of 3:2.

OG, the winner of The International 2018, received $11.2 million of the total tournament prize pool. Its grand finale rivals – PSG.LGD and Evil Geniuses – earned $4.1 m and $2.7 m, taking the third place.

The rest funds were allocated among the following squads: Team Liquid (4th place), (5th place), Team Secret (6th place), VGJ.Storm (7th place), OpTic Gaming (8th place), Vici Gaming, Team Serenity, Winstrike Team and Mineski, TNC Predator (9–12th place), VGJ.Thunder, Fnatic and Newbee (13–16th place), Invictus Gaming and paiN Gaming (17–18th place).

The annual major Dota 2 tournament held by Valve has taken place for the eighth time. Besides the cash reward, the winning team receives the Aegis of Champions, a goblet that looks like a bronze and silver shield. next competition of The International will be held in August 2019 in Shanghai.


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