Pokémon GO: find and catch them all!

01 August 2016 Pokémon GO: find and catch them all!

After this article you will understand why the whole world has gone mad about Pokémon! And you will want to join them.       

Initially, you should install Pokémon GO. You can find the instruction on how to make it here. Then, start hunting amusing pocket monsters. That’s so. The “pokemon” word derives from English “Pocket Monster”. Pokémon were at the peak of world popularity due to Japanese animated cartoon 10 years ago. In 2016, they decided to come back. The Pokémon world has grown so much that not well-informed people will require some time in order to understand it.              

There are more than 700 kinds of Pokémon, including a symbol and favorite, called Pikachu. This cutie can be obtained in the very beginning of the game, if you complete a tutorial level and choose this character there.     

Pokémon GO: find and catch them all!  - 1

The game requires walking across real locations. You should activate GPS and mobile Internet, enter the game and go out to the city.   

There is no precise map, so you should pay attention to places, hidden by suspiciously moving grass, and do not look past the indicator. A monster will appear on the map when you find it. Then take a Poké Ball and throw it.       

The major aim is to fill the Pokédex and all available its categories.  

Pokémon GO: find and catch them all!   - 2

Pokémon can fight (they should be leveled up) and evolve (from one rare kind into another, which will help to refill the Pokédex). There are also hiding-places – PokéStops – with bonuses. They are usually located near various cultural places and monuments.    

Players can create teams. But this option is available only for five+ levels. The team can be found near Towers, called Gyms in the game. Thus, when the Pokémon is leveled up, the Gym prestige is increased. High prestige level teams fight, win, and take over Gyms.    

Pokémon GO is a walk and adventures, interesting place search, and new acquaintances! 

It is a diversified game: when you build a collection, you can level up and evolve it; team game lovers have an opportunity to enter Gyms.  

And here is the Top 3 of the best Pokémon:  

3. Slowbro (stamina – 190, attack – 184, defense – 198).

Pokémon GO: find and catch them all!   - 3

2. Vaporeon (stamina – 260, attack – 186, defense – 168).

Pokémon GO: find and catch them all!   - 4

1. Snorlax (stamina – 320, attack – 180, defense – 180). 

Pokémon GO: find and catch them all!  - 5

We don’t believe if you tell you don’t want even to try to play it!  


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