Will Deadpool get the Golden Globe award?

14 December 2016 Will Deadpool get the Golden Globe award?

Visitors of a cosplay show, which was a part of the WEGAME 2.0 festival, probably remember the character that put a mark in two nominations. Yes, Deadpool! The 2nd place in two categories – the Comics and literature and 12–17 years was taken by Deadpool (Ilya Baranovskiy) and Lady Deadpool (Elizaveta Kozachenko) respectively.

This month a “Merc' with a Mouth”, or rather a movie about him, has already got a number of interesting awards and become a nominee in several nominations. Let’s take a look at them.

Deadpool – the best?

Last weekend there was an awarding ceremony of the prestigious movie award “Critics’ Choice Awards”. This year, American critics recognized Deadpool as the best comedy film, and its leading man Ryan Reynolds received the title of the best comedy actor. This award is honorable, but it is not the least in the list of Deadpool achievements.

Few days ago there was a presentation of the Golden Globe Award 2017 nominees. Among the nominees in the best movie and actor category (comedy and musical comedy) we see Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds as well. Moreover, there is a high probability that at least one of the Golden Globes will go to the film creators.

The first among the worst?

Super guy (but not a hero in full sense) in black and red tight-fitting costume has won the hearts of many people, even despite the fact that film has a lot of gag reels.

Recently, Deadpool has picked up another award, which is not so prestigious and pleasant compared to the Critics’ Choice Awards and Golden Globe Award. According to Movie Mistakes, it is Deadpool that became a leader of 2016 as for gag reels. The resource has found 23 mistakes in the movie and its plot.

Still it is quite hard not to enjoy the film, or at least its main character. Who knows, perhaps after collecting all the most prestigious awards, Deadpool will get Oscar.


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