The Division has serious problems with cheats

03 February 2016 The Division has serious problems with cheats

There are statements on the web claiming that The Division for PC has several problems in global networking architecture. The mistake allows players to arm themselves with endless bullets, health points and many other things. The first person to report about the problem was a user under nickname Reddit, who calls himself an expert in the field of computer systems security and a games developer. 

According to another gamer, thedivision_throwaway, the main problem is that all data related to the character is stored on user’s computer, and not on a server. Therefore any gamer can adjust characteristics while playing. And the server won’t even return an error code, as statistics data isn’t transferred to it.

The author claims that the server stores just a couple of values, including the timer of evacuation from The Dark zone and respawning time. He did not reveal full details of hacking, but he noted that in order to do it one should deactivate system instructions that are in charge of correct statistical calculation.

A widely known video games developer Ubisoft assumes that the problem is just a small glitch. But the majority of experts believe that it won’t be so easy to solve the issue, as in order to implement such global changes one will have to rewrite almost the whole source code.  


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