DXRacer representative to tell about the quality of gaming chairs, WeGame 4.0 and common interests

01 June 2018 DXRacer representative to tell about the quality of gaming chairs, WeGame 4.0 and common interests

Apart from other aspects, comfort is an essential part of each game – be it Dota2 or Hearthstone. However, it shouldn’t go too far so that you fall asleep during a competition. That’s why a right chair is of primary importance for gamers, particularly professionals.

Thus, a manufacturer of premium gaming chairs DXRacer became an exhibitor of WeGame 4.0. We have interviewed the team’s marketing manager Alexey Smagin.

Interviewer: WeGame (WG)

Speaker: Alexey Smagin (А. S.)

WG: What makes your gaming products special?

А. S.: Our key advantage is a diverse range of forms and designs. We offer hundreds of various names or models so that anyone of any height and weight can find a perfect individual variant.

Our team is now working on the design of the products but, in fact, users receive a high quality chair regardless its type.

WG: Did anything special happen at your stand during the festival?

А. S.: We drew two chairs among attendees and subscribers of WeGame. Visitors filled in a form at place onsite, and subscribers could win the same chairs on the Internet. All in all, WeGame and DXRacer presented gamers with two chairs at once.

Our stand was a good entertainment place: for example, you could play MK on a cool laptop with a curved display.

The atmosphere was friendly and funny. A crowd of people surrounded our stand, and six seats were occupied all the time. Personally, I liked the fest so much. That’s good that the stand piqued such an interest: it means we’re on the right way and our audience is even closer now.

WG: Did you like this year’s event?

А. S.: From a visitor’s point of view, it's a cool place since a lot of people came. WeGame 4.0 gathered amazing people interested in games. That’s a moment when guys inspired by one idea in online universe of computer games go out into the real world. It is great that they gather, train, play and take part in championships. And what is most important – each player has an opportunity to participate in different activities: cosplay, quest or drawing. Tons of fun, smiles, positive atmosphere – it rocks!

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