COUGAR representative: “Fest attendees felt comfortable in their community”

23 June 2018 COUGAR representative: “Fest attendees felt comfortable in their community”

A German brand COUGAR was an Exclusive Sponsor of WEGAME, the fourth fest for geeks and gamers. Product Manager at COUGAR Dmitriy Ivanov told about the company’s new products and revealed their uniqueness.

Interviewer: WEGAME (WG)

Speaker: Dmitriy Ivanov (D.I.)

WG: Hello, Dmitriy! Tell us about your company.

D.I.: Currently, COUGAR appears among the most fast-paced players in the gambling realm. We offer computer mice, keyboards, headsets, cases, power supply units, and gaming chairs. EDG GROUP is an exclusive distributor of these products in Ukraine. It’s one of few examples of such a fully-fledged line presented by one brand. As I have estimated, we take the top place by the distribution scale.

WG: What new interesting products are you presenting this year?

D.I.: This year, COUGAR announced the result of its joint work with Wargaming. I mean a series of World of Tanks branded products. These are a new mechanical keyboard Cougar Ultimus, the well-known branded mouse Cougar Revenger S, a new headset Phontum with replaceable earpads (the kit goes with two earpad sets: light and massive). This series also includes Arena mouse pad: large with a nice design. That is what we offer on the market today.

Concerning WEGAME, we carried out a drawing of the products among the fest attendees who filled in a special questionnaire at our stand. Besides, all the interested received a purchase discount on our website. Along with our partner 3ona51, we organized a promo offer by granting discounts on all the company’s products.

WG: How did WEGAME 4.0 go?

D.I.: One of the best events in this series. There many people interested in the target audience. I saw lots of sparkling eyes, so guests were full of enthusiasm and involved in this world. The fest attendees felt comfortable in their community.

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