Representatives of Impulse Lab web studio will speak at WEGAME 3.0 lectures

31 March 2017 Representatives of Impulse Lab web studio will speak at WEGAME 3.0 lectures

On April 9, representatives of Impulse Lab web studio – technical director Dmitriy Lut and product manager Yevgeniy Shabalkin – will participate in the open lectures of WEGAME 3.0.

The title of their presentation: “Flux - a new step in e-sports development”.

Speakers will tell about the Flux service, which provides a possibility to take part in the paid matchmaking and receive real-money payouts for a win.

The assortment of offerings is not restricted to a standard popular set and includes a wide range of both well-known and author’s games. Flux also offers mobile game competitions held online, duel battles and multiplayer tournaments.

Dmitriy and Yevgeniy will answer all questions of the audience regarding the Flux service and its peculiarities.

Many interesting speakers will present during the two-day open lecture series of WEGAME 3.0. Their names and presentation titles can be found here. Registration for the festival is available at the link.


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