Upcoming Dota 2 tournaments

09 February 2018 Upcoming Dota 2 tournaments

There’s no such thing as too much Dota: here you’ll find the schedule of 2018 DotA 2 tournaments, names of the championships participants, size of the prize funds and other important details.

The Bucharest Major

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Date: 4-11 March, 2018

Prize fund: $1,000,000

This DotA 2 competition will take place in Bucharest, according to the Swiss system: 16 teams will play in one group; eight of them will go to Single Elimination playoffs. Direct invitations were sent to 10 teams, including Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, Virtus.pro and others, and six more were selected through regional qualifiers.

GESC E-Series

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Date: March 16-18, 2018

Prize fund: $300,000

This year, GESC has postponed two scheduled minor competitions, in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, for an unknown period. There are only two minor tournaments left, including the GESC E-Series: Thailand's first certified tournament from Valve Corporation.

The Dota 2 tournament will be held in Bangkok. The list of participants has not yet been announced.

DreamLeague Season

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Date: March 21-25, 2018

Prize fund: $300,000

9th season of the minor DotA 2 competition will be held in Sweden. Eight teams will participate - two will receive a direct invitation (including Team Secret), and the remaining six will have to go through region qualifiers.

World Cyber Games

Wegame: Upcoming Dota 2 tournaments - 4

Date: April 26-29, 2018

Prize fund: $1,000,000

This Dota2 tournament will be held in Bangkok. In addition to Dota 2, World Cyber Games 2018 will also feature CS:GO, Heroes of Newerth and Clash Royal competitions. Details about the championship are not yet known.

Epicenter Season

Wegame: Upcoming Dota 2 tournaments - 5

Date: April 27 - May 6, 2018

Prize fund: $1,000,000

One of the most significant e-sport events in the CIS will take place in Moscow. The prize fund of the championship is one of the largest in the history of e-sports within the framework of one discipline in Russia. As per usual, the event will have a grand show and a lot of entertainment for the audience.

The International 2018

Wegame: Upcoming Dota 2 tournaments - 6

Date: July 31, 2018

Prize fund: $1,000,000

The largest and most expected annual Dota 2 tournament from Valve. This will be the eighth competition; in 2017, the prize fund reached $25,000,000. The main part of the tournament (LAN finals) will be held in Seattle, in August of 2018, featuring 16 best teams.


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