Join mass cyber-sport tournament – Na`Vi Cup by CyberZone

01 September 2016 Join mass cyber-sport tournament – Na`Vi Cup by CyberZone

A phenomenon you’ve been waiting so long has happened! We are glad to inform you that the festival will include a cyber-sport tournament, Na`Vi Cup by CyberZone, with a total prize pool of UAH 40000!    

The competition will be conducted in two disciplines: 

  • CS:GO – a legendary first person shooter that launched a process of world cyber sport popularity;  
  • DOTA 2 – a computer MOBA game with a complex gameplay and unlimited opportunities.    

Do you want to attend one of the main country’s cyber-sport events? And what about getting acquainted with the most famous cyber sportspeople of Ukraine from Na`Vi team?   

Come to the interactive entertainment festival, WEGAME, and compete for the main tournament prize – Na`Vi Cup by CyberZone.  

To participate in the competition, you should have a team of 5 people. If you already have such a team, you can just buy one ticket for the whole group here:



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