5 most scary horror games with the cosmic setting

15 June 2017 5 most scary horror games with the cosmic setting

Fear is an inevitable part in the life of every human being. But if some of us fear the global warming, the Fourth World War, or the rapid change of the currency rate, suffering from these stressful emotions, others just watch trash slashers or play horror games, enjoying the experience. The second option seems a bit more appealing, isn’t it?

Have a look at the selection of five scary horror games with the space-based setting that can help players enjoy their fear.


This is the latest cosmic theme game with an amazing graphics. It was launched on May 5 on all key platforms. The main character is a victim of scientific experiments, coming to consciousness on a space ship captured by deadly aliens. Invaders from another planet can morph into various objects and apply telekinesis.

Prey is basically a shooter, but it’s much more complex, as there’s no unlimited ammo supply. Player has to improvise along the way, and think of various tricky tactics to survive.


Unhasting game with a pretty trivial beginning, but unusual gameplay. This is not just another shooter or survival, but a true quest in a space horror style. Hero wakes up at the deserted dark space ship, having no clue what happened to his colleagues.

In Stasis, you don’t have to constantly run across the location and shoot enemies or hide from them. Player solves uneasy puzzles in order to win.

Dead Space

Released in 2008, Dead Space also has a sequel and a prequel. Each of them could scare the bejesus out of you. Plot of the first game tells the story of a hero trying to save himself while combating necromorphs in a space-like environment. The atmosphere of hopelessness and despair, the look of monsters and their victims gives the creeps and disgust.

Alien: Isolation

Game style fully corresponds with a classic Alien movie. The main character is a daughter of Ellen Ripley. Trying to find out more details about her mother’s destiny, she arrives to the space station with a Xenomorph on it. As one can not kill the Alien, gameplay forces player to run and hide from the monster.

Doom 3

The first and partially the second parts from the series also correspond with this theme, but only Doom 3 completely unfolds the subject. Instead of the standard aliens, player encounters the things somewhat similar to Christian mythology demons.

Fantastic setting coincides with mystical environment. Those not frightened by the xenomorphs, would face flying burning skulls and hordes of zombies.


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