PUBG developers apologize for server problems

06 October 2017 PUBG developers apologize for server problems

There was a massive discontent among players of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds at the beginning of October. Chinese gamers were the first to complain, as they had to leave their servers and go to European or American ones for normal access.

Later on, negative reviews from all regions were already posted on Steam.

On October 4, when the level of hate reached its peak, the Bluehole developers apologized and explained causes of problems. As it turned out, the popularity played its low-down trick on the game.

Wegame: PUBG developers apologize for server problems

Servers were built to accept up to a million players online at once initially. PUBG team did not even expect that the player count would explode at 1.7 million players, as it happened recently. Increase of number of active players and ongoing work on architecture improving caused disaster.

Developers promised to settle the situation ASAP and optimize the servers.


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