Ren ‘Juicy Juice’ Gazar to become judge of WEGAME 3.0 cosplay contest

13 March 2017 Ren ‘Juicy Juice’ Gazar to become judge of WEGAME 3.0 cosplay contest

April 8-9, Ren ‘Juicy Juice’ Gazar, the head of CosWave cosplay team, will become a judge of the cosplay show at WEGAME 3.0 festival.

has been engaged in cosplay for 7 years, each time creating more and more spectacular and eye-catching images. He focuses on game design, combining his work with love to video games and creativity. He is a fan of comics, movies and games. Ren accepted invitations to League of Legends Continental League finals several times and attended Video Zhara festival. He participated in Gamers Battles reality show as a cosplay coach.

CosWave is one of Ukraine’s first professional cosplay team that has already managed to participate in many festivals and won the majority of them.

Led by Ren ‘Juicy Juice’ Gazar, CosWave team has won all Ukrainian major festivals. And its head is constantly invited to large-scale thematic events.

CosWave participants became winners of such contests:

  • OTOBE (Kiev);
  • Anicon (Lvov);
  • Natsu Nami (Odessa);
  • Nihon Taisai (Donetsk).

Registration for WEGAME 3.0 cosplay show is available! Details can be found here. To apply for participation, fill in the form. You can buy tickets to the festival following the link.


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