Romanian amateur artist has released the most detailed 3D model ever made

25 January 2016 Romanian amateur artist has released the most detailed 3D model ever made

Romanian artist known on the web as Nimlot26 has presented a model that apparently lays claim to being the most detailed model of virtual character ever made.    

The artist has created a character from The Lord of the Rings film series. Digital Eomer consists of 170K triangles. Textures on the body have 8К resolution. It should be noted that so far the most detailed characters consist of 100K triangles maximum.  

Because of ultra-high quality of body textures the model can be displayed in 1080р (FullHD), expanding it horizontally and vertically fourfold without quality losses. All textures for the face have 4К resolution. 

It should be specified that in spite of high detalization in order to use such elaborated models in modern games, you will need to have a supercomputer. The thing is that not a single up-to-date game-playing machine is capable of processing a substantial number of such high-quality objects. 


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