Largest gaming events all over the globe and in Ukraine

27 July 2018 Largest gaming events all over the globe and in Ukraine

Welcome to the future, the period of the real gaming paradise – specialized exhibitions and events bring pleasure with their grandiosity and abundance. So, what gaming exhibitions in Kyiv and other cities are worth your attention?

Major gaming exhibitions across the globe

Electronic Entertainment Expo (Los Angeles, California, the U. S.)

One of the key events in the realm of video games held since 1995 that traditionally gathers tons of people. The exhibition features all the latest novelties from leading publishers, manufacturers, and developers. The majority of events is open to the audience, but some of them are available only to the media representatives.

Penny Arcade Expo (the U. S.)

Initiated in 2004, this exhibition takes place in several American cities – Washington, D. C., Boston, and San Antonio in 2018. It has several sections, even Australian. The whole conception is as follows: indie developers and heavyweights make presentations, organize product testing and even competitions.

Gamescom (Germany, Cologne)

Considered to be the most large-scale exhibition in Europe and one of the coolest across the globe. Not only developers but also lots of gamers all over the world wait for it. Gamescom is a place where AAA games are put up for sale, as well as presentations and announcements of the forthcoming products are carried out. Apart from gamers, at the fest, you can meet cosplayers and fans of the geek culture.

IgroMir and Comic Con RUSSIA

The festival has been held since 2006 as the first specialized event in the CIS. It has a lot to offer to geeks, cosplayers, and video game fans. New products testing, presentations, tournaments, and more.

Gaming exhibitions in Kyiv

Rocking events for gamers and developers take place in Ukraine.


A professional conference for developers and gaming experts from all the CIS. Regarded as the largest B2B event, has existed since 2008. Beneficial networking for all the interested representatives of the gaming industry. Its attendees mostly come from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Games Gathering

This event has just appeared, so 2018 will be the second time it takes place. A B2B conference dedicated to development and creation of video games.


Of course, we mention WeGame, the most large-scale event, open to both users and developers. For the fourth time, the event brings together all gamers of Ukraine, best game creators and designers, quality assurance specialists. At the event, you can attend open lectures from video game developers, just relax, test new products, participate in eSports tournaments and Mortal Combat competitions.

Moreover, the event presents new tech products from the developers of the gaming periphery. Besides, drawings and special offers are also part of WeGame. The festival is also famous for an unforgettable cosplay show due to the brightest fans from all the corners of Ukraine participating in the event every year.

One of the traditional specialties of the fest is WEGAME Awards for the best of the best in the game development realm as well as nominees for the Audience Awards.

The forthcoming year will welcome the anniversary WeGame 5.0. That will be an extraordinary experience, do not miss it, follow the news!



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