The most spectacular and anticipated VR games

22 June 2016 The most spectacular and anticipated VR games

Do you have a virtual reality headset or glasses? If not, we strongly recommend you to buy them. As far as games for PlayStation and Xbox One will support such format. Let’s go through the list.

God of War. During the last E3 exhibition Sony PlayStation revealed the God of War’s lead-in gameplay. Release is scheduled for the next year, but developers do not say the exact date. It is the continuation of iconic series, where the scene is set several years after the events on Olympus. 


Days Gone. The game somewhat resembles The Last of Us: lots of picturesque American scenery and post-apocalyptic landscapes surround player. The main hero is a biker and mercenary, whose task is to survive in a difficult new world. 


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Another part of the famous series. It is an attempt to get back to basics, having brought back the atmosphere of real fear without distracting shooting and enormous monsters. The storyline turns around the shabby manor, the mysteries of which should be solved by the main hero. Basing on the trailer, it is not hard to conclude that the game will have unimpressive graphics and boring storyline. But you are welcome to make your own conclusions. 


The Last Guardian. The date of the game release was announced at the E3 exhibition – 26 October. Its graphics does not impress us, but landscapes are nice. And the main hero has a huge winged cat, which everywhere accompanies his master. Very nice. 


Horizon Zero Dawn. This is an example of how good looking games should be done. Looking at the landscape, one might think that he is in the post-apocalyptic world, inhabited by ferine machines. To be more precise, robots that look like animals. Whether the storyline is engaging, pioneer players will be able to decide after the release, but the game seems decent.  


Detroit Become Human. The plot develops around robot policeman, who catches other rebellious cyborgs. The ginger of the game is the possibility to rewind the plot and to go through some key moments using other techniques. An excellent idea. 


Batman: Arkham VR. Well, this game is about Batman. Just as the usual one, but in virtual reality. 


Final Fantasy XV. The game is very vivid and colourful. Main heroes, animated guys, will fight on big swords against various monsters and powerful wizards. Almost everything remains the same as in previous parts, but in virtual reality.


Death Stranding. The most anticipated game. The trailer does not reveal the genre or the storyline of the new masterpiece from Kojima, but it is intriguing. And if you love The Walking Dead, you will notice that the main hero looks much the same as Norman Reedus.


Halo Wars 2. Exclusively for Xbox, the new part of Halo Wars has been launched for a week-long beta-test.



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