Most successful cybersports club won more than $13 million in 2017

28 December 2017 Most successful cybersports club won more than $13 million in 2017

2017 is coming to an end, so it's time to look back at it. We already talked about the best video games released and now we suggest using Esports Observer data and analyzing the cybersports scene.

This year’s most successful team in terms of money prizes was Team Liquid, same as in 2016. In 2017, its lineups and single players in 11 disciplines won almost $13.5 million. This happened thanks to The International 2017 championship, which brought Team Liquid’s Dota 2 squad a prize of almost $11 million.

Wegame: Most successful cybersports club won more than $13 million in 2017 - 1

At the same time, according to e-Sports Earnings agency, in the entire time of its existence, Team Liquid won almost $18.2 million. Their first StarCraft team was founded in 2010.

This impressive prize funds growth in recent years is directly related to the increase in tournament funds, which Valve Corporation does for its cybersport competitions. In TI7, which was mentioned earlier, the prize was a record $24.8 million. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Dota 2 becomes the leader of the year 4 times in a row, followed by CS:GO.

Wegame: Most successful cybersports club won more than $13 million in 2017 - 2

It’s worth noting that the $0.5 million increase in the prize fund, which would be significant for another discipline, did not affect the annual Dota 2 fund that much - it was just +1.4%. But the closing top game H1Z1 showed an impressive increase of +580%, the prize amount was almost $1.4 million.

Overwatch also significantly grew this year (+70%), while Halo 5: Guardians (-46.5%) and Hearthstone (-20%) unfortunately went down a little.

It is important to clarify that all the figures above were taken from open sources and correspond only to the amount announced by the tournament prize organizers. Payments are not always made immediately after the victory, or rather, almost never.

However, popular clubs receive even the big amounts from sponsorship and advertising. These figures are not shown above.


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