Sony vs Microsoft: Which console is better for VR games?

29 June 2017 Sony vs Microsoft: Which console is better for VR games?

Release of an improved version of the top-end console from Microsoft is expected in November. Among other things The Xbox One X model will support games in the format of virtual reality. This feature will make it even more dangerous competitor for Sony, which maintains leadership on the market of VR gaming devices.

What does Microsoft offer?

It is yet unknown how cool and functional the virtual reality headset for Xbox One X will be, but technical specifications of the console are already available. In many ways, it really exceeds the PlayStation VR parameters, although not all of these benefits really affect the functionality.

Why Xbox One X is cooler:

  • 8 core processor runs at 2.3 GHz, while the console from Sony has 2.1 GHz;
  • AMD Scorpio Engine with a performance of 6 teraflops is responsible for the graphics, while the PS4 Pro has only AMD Radeon with 4.2 teraflops;
  • 12 GB of RAM, which is 4 GB more than that of the competitor.

Nevertheless, some details are to be taken into account. Considering the same memory and obvious advantages of the Microsoft RAM, both devices have 1 TB of internal memory, which means that you can download equal amount of information. In addition, the price of the new Xbox will be $100 higher, and how much will all the additional equipment for games in VR cost, is still unknown.


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