Na'Vi co-founder launched a new blockchain project for gamers

23 August 2017 Na'Vi co-founder launched a new blockchain project for gamers

Alexander Kochanovsky, co-founder of Natus Vincere, and Vladimir Panchenko, founder of the platform for selling virtual items, launched a joint project. It was named DMarket, it works on blockchain technology, and, like, is designed to trade virtual items, however in an entirely new format.

Today, operating platforms cover 6% of gamers - only 130 million worldwide. Thanks to the use of the blockchain, DMarket promises to be the first marketplace, covering all games on all platforms and allowing the exchange of items between users of different games. The creators expect that DMarket will allow to involve about 2 billion gamers, living around the world, earning various items in games and wanting to sell them, in the economic process.

All trading operations will be carried out in one click, and the synchronization of huge amount of data and its security will be provided by the blockchain. The architecture of the decentralized DMarket database was created by Andrey Khavryuchenko, who previously developed the DASH crypto-currency.

Game studios wishing to see their games in DMarket will be able to connect via API. It is beneficial to them as well, claim the platform creators - the ability to sell game items and earn on it stimulates players.

Wegame: Na'Vi co-founder launched a new blockchain project for gamers

DMarket Token will be used as the currency on the platform, it is exchanged for other crypto-currencies without any problems, and is displayed transferred to the users’ personal accounts. On august 12, 2017, the developers held an ICO, which put DMarket Token up for sale at a 1000 tokens per 1 ethereum (ETH) rate.

When the ICO was done, on August 17, more than 11.5 million dollars were collected, with the first million being received in just 17 minutes after the token sale start. $9 million of the total amount were drawn in ETH, the rest - in bitcoins and through

The next stage of DMarket Token's sale will start in November, but at another rate - 750 tokens for 1 ETH. This stage will be final in fundraising, additional issue of DMarket tokens is not planned.

DMarket representatives also noted that even at the current stage the project already claims to be the most successful in the CIS, in terms of the amount of funds raised.

The developers are planning to attract to DMarket more than 5000 different games, including 10% of AAA games, as well as more than 500 million users. In case of successful development of the project, the expected total cost of virtual items, put up by users for sale, can exceed $100 billion in dollar equivalent

It has been reported that the developers of the 4A Games (Metro 2033) and GSC Game World (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Cossacks) now joined the project. The alpha version of DMarket will start functioning in October of this year.


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