Create a virus and build a skyscraper: the best strategy games for smartphones

01 April 2019 Create a virus and build a skyscraper: the best strategy games for smartphones

No more boring games on your phone – download several cool strategy games and immerse yourself in the experience!

One can hardly say that modern strategy games are of the same type, as developers are trying to impress and engage gamers with both intriguing storylines and nice graphics. Here is the list of 11 diverse, entertaining, and popular strategy games for Android and iOS.

The Battle of Polytopia

The most true-to-life and full-scale civilization in your pocket! In this turn-based strategy (TBS) game, players have to develop one of twelve tribes and conquer new lands. The main idea of the tactical strategy will be familiar to those who have played Civilization. You need to grow cities, build fortifications, move around the map, and occupy rival settlements. The game is fully adapted to your mobile phone: user-friendly interface, detailed graphics, and quick battles (lasting not more than 15 minutes). The game offers two modes: single and multiplayer, with two variations in each.

Door Kickers

Pixel platform game where players have to manage a squad of agents that fight against crime. The goal is to walk through missions, enter the building and neutralize criminals there. Players do not know which part of the building hides criminals, so the game is rather unpredictable and often players have to send fighters randomly. Door Kickers game combines elements of tactics and RPG, you can choose heroes from four classes, equip and arm them. Besides, you can play the game in cooperation with your friend, which will allow you to unblock new types of weapon and equipment quicker.


This strategy game is based on the serial of the same name. The game tasks include landscaping of the valley and outfitting of underground shelters and maintaining balance in their development. Imagine that you are a new employee of Delos! You will be responsible not only for outfitting of territories but also contentment of guests that visit the park inhabited with androids. The main thing is to avoid what happened in the serial.

Iron Throne

The large-scale and engaging MMO strategy game for smartphones the Iron Throne will allow you to try out the role of the offspring of the first people fighting against evil and helping those who cannot save themselves. Players have to combat big armies, fulfil an unbelievable number of different tasks, and take part in big battles in real time. The Iron Throne has a PvP mode. Besides, you can become a King in the game.

Mushroom Wars 2

The second part of the legendary real-time strategy game will immerse the player in the atmosphere of true mushroom wars. Unlike the first part, there are standalone characters, improved graphics, and the multiplayer mode. The concept is the same: warriors of vegetable origin struggle for power, fight against each other, improve skills. The game is a type of classical mid-core games that will interest both beginners and experienced players.

The Banner Saga

Unique combination of RPG and strategy that depicts the history of one doomed nation. The storyline tells that this nation travels around the magic world full of references to the Norse mythology. There are turn-based battles, in which you have to balance between attacks and defense, managing warriors of different classes. Players have to make different and sometimes difficult decisions during the game. The line between good and evil is blurred in this shadowy world, so any action may have absolutely unexpected consequences.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Cowboys versus Indians, Cartman versus Stan – the storyline is predictable but very engaging, as the game after South Park is rich in details and Easter eggs. It is a strategy game with Clash Royale mechanics, where characters are brought in the battle with the help of cards. You can play South Park: Phone Destroyer alone against bots and in the multiplayer mode. The fan service game is rather simple and engaging. It will definitely bring joy to fans of the South Park episodes.

Warhammer 40k Space Wolf

Players will have to fight against malevolent enemies of Space Wolves, conduct a global campaign on a remote and mysterious planet, and combat fanatic servants of the chaos gods. In the turn-based strategy game Warhammer 40,000[ДК1] [АФ2] [СР3] : Space Wolf with elements of a collectible card game, you can manage the battle using special collectible cards. The game offers both single player campaigns and PvP mode.

Pocket City

A pocket city builder where you can do anything! Players have a vast map where they can construct non-stop improving their skills and unlocking new types of buildings. Similar to such computer games as the SimCity, this mobile game provides wide opportunities. You can build cities and lay roads, develop infrastructure, change tax rates, and many other things. Pocket City has a sandbox mode and a story mode, the game itself is available in the mobile version only.

XCOM: Enemy Within

Popular game adapted to mobile, an engaging tactics strategy game. Player has to protect our planet against the invasion of aliens, gather a team of soldiers, pump up their skills, choose outfit, and set tasks. Besides, player has to fight against alien aggressors. During battles player has to lead the squad telling soldiers where to fire a shot and which actions to perform.

Plague Inc.

A biological simulation game where player has to try himself in the destruction of the human race using viruses. The task is to come up with a new disastrous disease, infect patient zero, and spread it around the world. Player has to build a tactical strategy deciding in which country the plague will start, how it will spread, etc. Besides, player can choose parameters of the disease such as contagiousness, severity, mortality, and should factor in that the humanity will be looking for a remedy.


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