“Medieval” zombie apocalypse has reached Ukraine

18 February 2016 “Medieval” zombie apocalypse has reached Ukraine

For those who are still celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day a new movie has been released. It should catch fancy of both – male and female viewers.

On 18 February a film adaptation of the novel “Pride and prejudice and zombies” by Seth Grahame-Smith hit the big screens. The novel, which was criticized a lot for its similarity to Jane Austen’s bestseller “Pride and prejudice”, has turned out to be quite harmonious for its genre. That’s why the film company that was producing the film adaptation was confident in the success of the project.

The majority of viewers will be fans of the novel, and the rest of cinema tickets will be bought by avid supporters of classic, who will consider the interlacing of XVIII century lifestyle with zombies as a kick in the teeth.

But especially for those who don’t fall under the abovementioned categories, we can state that the film will catch the attention of people, who don’t like to follow cinematic stereotypes.

The film’s plot is similar to the popular novel. Balls, beautiful women and battles look exactly as they should look like in intellectual English society of those times. Complicated relations of dukes and duchesses, love, intrigues, wealth - everything what we love Jane Austen’s novels for – is available in the film. That’s all about classic, which was and will forever remain up-to-date.

But hordes of zombies suddenly burst into careless lives of nobles. A dreadful plague gave birth to creatures that eat human brains for breakfast, dinner and supper. In their free time living deads like to attack and infect people, due to what their populations increase in geometrical progression. 


People who were bit by them try to conceal it, hoping for recovery and promising to remain vegetarians for the rest of their lives.

When a young duchess falls in love with a fearless killer of living deads, you begin to empathize with heroes. Women will definitely like the romantic dramas, full of dramatic scenes of love confession on the deathbed.

And lovers of bloody battles and spectacular action will be more interested in solving a vital problem of zombie expansion. After all, the humanity is in danger and there are no hopes that someone except of the main hero can save it.

In the film he is constantly waving his sword, blowing off zombies’ heads and conquering the heart of beautiful lady.

By the way, ladies were not born yesterday as well in the film. These young talents, armed with ball dresses, easily fight back monsters from the world of dead. 


Actors selected for the film truly delight the eye. The entourage also corresponds to the spirit of those times and producers don’t demonstrate anything out of the ordinary. 


“Pride and prejudice and zombies” is a modern classic, which was well flavoured with zombie apocalypse. It can be concluded that it’s the best choice for a young couple. Thus, if you want to spend money on a movie not in vain, and make your girlfriend squeeze up against you out of fear, be quick to buy tickets for the evening showtime of “Pride and prejudice and zombies”. She will appreciate it and you won’t be left without dessert as well.  


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