“Old school” new “Final fantasy”

29 November 2016 “Old school” new “Final fantasy”

By the launch of 15th part of popular franchise Final Fantasy, we have prepared a short list of series’ interesting special features that will appear in the new game. Despite the fact that each story is unique and every time we get acquainted with other team of characters, the game has its distinguishing features loved by fans. 

Gigantic swords 

“Old school” new “Final fantasy”    - 1

Indeed, appeared in the 7th part, disproportionate with characters courage attributes have become extremely popular for the whole series. This epic weapon has long obtained hearts of fans and relieved wallets of thousands of cosplayers across the globe. Final Fantasy XV will also have gigantic swords with new design and better graphics.          

 “Old school” new “Final fantasy”    - 2

Friendship is magic 

“Old school” new “Final fantasy”    - 3 

Once again, we have to play for the team of heroes and friends. Each of them is a strong personality, and all of them are absolutely different. Nevertheless, they are ready to come to help and support each other at a pinch of the fight or emotional stress.           

As Final Fantasy XV is likely similar to a movie due to the completeness and working out of the plot, so we will meet another series about goodness, friendship and honors.     

“Old school” new “Final fantasy”    - 4

Anime characters  

“Old school” new “Final fantasy”    - 5

Do not forget that it is JRPG. Wonderful Fantasy graphics is always on the highest level, though not everyone likes anime style of characters.        

“Old school” new “Final fantasy”    - 6

Female audience will be able to enjoy appearance of 5 various attractive masculine types: aristocratic Noctis, even-tempered intellectual Ignis, brutal Gladiolus, infantile but charming Prompto and harsh Cor. It is worthy of note that you can dress characters according to your taste; naked upper body option is also available.                

“Old school” new “Final fantasy”    - 7

Cindy, Gentiana and Lunafreya will delight the eye of male audience.  

“Old school” new “Final fantasy”    - 8

This list is quite superficial, but it is enough to realize the main thing: new Fantasy


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