Tiger Way studio: “WEGAME AWARDS incredibly boosted out motivation”

11 July 2018 Tiger Way studio: “WEGAME AWARDS incredibly boosted out motivation”

This year, Tiger Way studio that won the Best Mobile Game nomination at WEGAME AWARDS 2017, attended our festival (April 21-22) for the second time. The team appeared among the leaders again: its new project Goopalo was awarded in the Best Game Art category. Company’s Founder Alexander Kompanets has told us about the major breakthroughs throughout the year, new products and achievements.

Interviewer: WEGAME (WG)

Speaker: Alexander Kompanets (А.К.):

WG: How has the studio’s work changed after the last year’s victory?

А.К.: WEGAME AWARDS incredibly boosted out motivation. We even bought a special cupboard for such prizes – now, we only have them on the upper shelf but hopefully, there will be plenty of awards in the nearest future. In fact, having been working with some product for 8 years, you definitely need feedback. Financial befit matters but other things also play an important role. We want to see people need what we do. Last year, our Boxing Combat caused a stir among the public, and Goopalo was a real sensation.

WG: Please describe your new game. What stage of development are you currently at?

А.К.: A project dedicated to a Ukrainian superhero Goopalo Vasyl appeared spontaneously. I attended the eponymous video presentation of TNMK (Tanok na Maidani Kongo) and had real flashbacks. All the gameplay similar to the video appeared in my imagination.

Right after the event, I came up to the group members and told about the idea of a game. They got interested and asked to show what we had. It took us only two weeks to develop the first prototype, a very-very funny one: we cut the character out directly from YouTube. Then, we tested the game with the musicians right at their studio. They much liked the result, which inspired us for the intensive game development. We improved the gameplay to the users’ preferences. There are lots of positive feedback that also comes from other countries. So, Ukraine is not the only place where people are interested in our product. Take into account that it is available only here and several other countries.

The version we presented at WEGAME is not the final one. We see the project as a service, so updates are coming soon. For instance, the next version will have nasty and interesting minibosses endowed with a high health level; a big airship, a flying crane, a powerful tank as well as a curious cow piercing you with gloomy eyes detracting from the gaming process. It will keep a secret to be revealed in two or three game updates. Later, users will have a chance to experience levels in space and water.

WG: Did you like WEGAME 4.0?

А.К.: This year’s exhibition had much in common with world events due to a perfect location, brilliant organization and lots of attendees. The public’s reaction was also positive. By the way, some people saw our game at the previous event, and they noted the progress we have made within this period. That’s cool.

Follow the news! More interesting interviews with participants and exhibitors of WEGAME 4.0 are coming soon.


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