Survival horror from first-person Resident Evil 7 to be felt next week

18 January 2017 Survival horror from first-person Resident Evil 7 to be felt next week

Release of a highly anticipated sequel of Resident Evil video games series for all platforms will come out on January 24. The name of a new part combines names of American and Japanese franchises – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which, according to its creators, gives the key to events unfolding during the game.

What’s new?

The main difference from previous games of the series is that the seventh part’s events happen from the first-person perspective. It adds some oppressiveness to the general atmosphere of the game. Unlike previous two parts, Resident Evil 7 is more of a survival horror than action. The main character is an ordinary weak person who has to fight stronger opponents.

What is it all about?

According to the plot, Ethan Winters is looking for his missing wife. It leads him to a gloomy derelict mansion in an American town where he is faced with grave danger coming from the Baker family.

How is it related to Silent Hill?

The game developers promise lots of bloody and cruel scenes making a player be dashed with terror. Avid fans have already tried the demo version available for consoles in PS4 and Xbox One stores and for PC - in Stream. Lots of them agree that the new Resident Evil part reminds the atmosphere of the Silent Hill franchise.

More perks from developers

Steam has recently revealed the information about Capcom preparing a season pass for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which guarantees a free access to all additional services. Season Pass will open 3 sets of additional content which is to be released during the year.

The first volume of banned footage includes unique stories “Bedroom” and “Ethan must die” as well as “Nightmare” regime. The second volume of banned footage consists of a “21” regime and stories “Daughters” and “Jack's 55th Birthday”. The last part of additional content will feature a new story episode.

Those who manage to pre-order Resident Evil 7: Biohazard before its release will get access to Mad House regime and a number of useful in-game supplies.


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