A titanic sequel or an ordinary supplement? Titanfall 2

28 November 2016 A titanic sequel or an ordinary supplement? Titanfall 2

Developers spent two years on the creation of the new part of Titanfall. They removed many shortcomings, introduced new modes, but the core of the game remained the same.

The action takes place in the cosmic future, where people once again have to fight against corporations. Storyline is not the strongest point of Titanfall, but it cannot be called a total failure though.  

Titanfall 2 features a single-player mode, where the story of the relationship between a rifleman Jack Cooper and a combat robot BT-7274 is revealed. There are touching moments, sometimes humor situations appear.

The most interesting features of the single-player mode, apart from controlling a huge combat robot, include the ability to travel in time and possibility to become invisible. It should be also noted that the gameplay has become much more intensive when the hero was provided with the skills of wall-running and zip-lining. 

Interesting updates were also implemented in the multiplayer mode. There are some new excellent missions, and Capture the Flag mode was perfectly realized. But controlling the titan is rather slow and somewhat hampers the dynamic gameplay. Sluggish and fragile robots are not those killing machines that you are expecting to see according to the plot.

Titanfall 2 is definitely better than the first part, but far from being a masterpiece. We recommend playing it to everyone who liked the first part, as well as admirers of huge combat robots (there are plenty of them in the game). 


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